Why a2s may be useful for you


a2s still an apha release. This page is not complete.

Who are likely to NOT need a2s

Who don’t need to deploy changes on servers


This pages assumes that you or already work or want to learn how to automate IT and already have some experience on how to do without automation. A great example if you are someone who would be able implement alone (ok use help of search engines) tutorials like How To Install WordPress with LAMP on Ubuntu 18.04 but now want to abstract/automate this.

If you already use software that someone else configure the operational system for you, it’s very likely that at this moment a2s may not be useful.

Who don’t need (and do not want learn) how to automate IT

Ansible can be used even for who does not work as sysadmin, DevOps or IT infrastructure in general and, compared to alternatives, may actually save your time even if you don’t work full time on a position that benefits from automation.

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I’m new to IT automation

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Ansible is a friendly IT automation tool

“It turned out our group of 15 or so people spent about six months trying to automate OpenStack with Puppet, and I spent a lot of time banging my head into a desk. (Later, once AnsibleWorks was founded, one of our Solutions Architects built content to automate OpenStack, similar in scale, in a single week, by himself!)”

–Michael DeHaan - In The origins of Ansible

I’m new to Ansible


Even if you are very skilled, know some basic automation (“bash history”, docker, etc or even Chef/Puppet/Saltstack) but are in a hurry to implement an infrastructure in production (think like have just a 2~5 days), in special if this infrastructure it not simple (could be replaced later if you on a code refactoring), dont use a2s.

Ok, you can use, but a2s starting point. a2s can make some implementations simpler, in ones related to filesystem and users/groups manangement.

But in a very short time to learn both Ansible and implement something complex like (here just as example) clusters of FreeIPA, GlusterFS & Galera Cluster (MariaDB/MySQL) you may find ready to use Ansible Roles near plug and play. Check out https://galaxy.ansible.com/.

I’m a Ansible extensions developer

a2s is dedicated to public domain

In short: while atribution is welcome from ansible users (most because it may help to find documentation) you as open source contributor is free to take take parts of a2s source code without mention.