a2s Example Playbooks

Minimal Playbook


Note: If you run this role without explicitly use any [Public APIs](#public-apis) (variables starte with a2s_ that are not defaults) this Ansible role will make no changes on your system.

# Note: this playbook will run without errors, but will not make changes. You
#       need to specify variables
- hosts: all
    - { role: fititnt.syntactic_sugar }

Run only these APIs playbook example

a2s have so many features that you play may become bigger. As explained in [Ansible Playbook Tags](https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/user_guide/playbooks_tags.html) the Ansible default behavior do not allow run only a subset of a Role withtout using –tags / –skip-tags from command line:

“There is no way to ‘import only these tags’; you probably want to split into smaller roles/includes if you find yourself looking for such a feature.”

Ansible Playbook Tags

BUT with a2s you can!. We provide one workaround using an special variable a2s_only. The best way to use is not define a2s_only on your inventory, but only when importing this role.

# On this a2s example, even if your inventory have more than a2s_groups and
# a2s_users defined and not using command line --tags, only a subset of a2s will
# run
- hosts: all
  role: fititnt.syntactic_sugar
        - a2s_groups
        - a2s_users
# Instead of using a2s_only, is possible to specify what a2s apis to not run.
# On this example ones related to database are skipped
- hosts: all
  role: fititnt.syntactic_sugar
        - a2s_mysql_dbs
        - a2s_mysql_users

Playbook using several Public APIs

- hosts: all
  remote_user: root

      - path: /var/www/my-app
        owner: app
        group: www-data
        mode: '0755'
      - path: /var/www/my-old-app-folder-to-delete
        state: absent

      - name: group1
      - name: group2

      - name: user1
      - name: user2
          - group2
      - name: fititnt
          key: https://github.com/fititnt.keys

    # a2s_iswindows: true # Uncomment next variable only for Windows hosts.
    - { role: fititnt.syntactic_sugar }

Playbook full example with Continuos Integration and testinfra

Check the contents of [molecule/default/playbook.yml](molecule/default/playbook.yml) and our Travis-CI panel at <https://travis-ci.com/fititnt/ap-application-load-balancer-extras>.

If you are not developing an interface that other people depend on or have a very serius infrastructure or several people making changes, well written Ansible playbooks may already be great. If this is not sufficient, check our testinfra tests file at [molecule/default/tests/test_default.py](molecule/default/tests/test_default.py).